Sons of Henrey is proud to present its first Horween Shell Cordovan GMTO.

Shell cordovan is a vegetable tanned leather that comes exclusively from a horse butt. The outstanding peculiarity of horsehide from the butt area lies in the presence of a dense mass of collagen fibres, so compact as to render leather from the butt naturally waterproof and nearly air tight. The position of the hide containing the dense mass of fibres is known as the shell.  In the late 19th century, shell cordovan was sold under the name “Spiegelware”, which translates to “mirror goods”.

For our first GMTO, we have chose for a Full Strap Penny loafer. We have a few places left in our GMTO, which you can join through this link. 

December 15, 2021 — Sons of Henrey

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