SOLD OUT! Vekla Off White

Excluding VAT: €152.89
By Vekla

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It's finally happening.

After launching the Vekla Off White sneakers, they sold out at record speed. Since then, a lot of our customers have been asking us when a re-stock would take place. Truth be told, the leather is not easy to come by, as chrome-free tanning is still only a small portion of the tannery's production.

We were able to purchase enough leather for just 15 (!) pair of shoes. The shoes will go into production in September, with delivery estimated by mid-October. By placing a pre-order for the Off White sneaker, you can guarantee your size. We have the feeling all 15 places will be filled up before the sneakers hit the shelves, so don't wait too long and place your order today.

The Off White sneakers will increase in price once they're here, but for now you can take advantage of the current, low pricing of €185.00 incl. VAT.

Free Vekla sneaker cleaning kit with every purchase.

An elegant, well built sneaker that will quickly become your favorite pair of shoes. The very soft upper on these sneakers are made from leather that comes from some of the most reputable and respected tanneries in Italy. But there’s a twist. The leather is tanned using a technique that requires less water and a lower use of heavy chemicals, and emits less CO2. I believe this is the way to move forward, incorporating sustainability without diminishing the quality nor the beauty of the product.

When you look at the tip of the shoe from the side, you can judge the sneaker’s profile. Sleek, isn’t it? This is no easy feat, as the rubber, genuine of course, needs to wrap over the tip of the shoe and be stitched into place.

What you don’t see, but trust me, it’s there, is on the inside of the shoe. Padding, cushioning, vegetable tanned leather lining and leather reinforcements, to keep your feet comfortable all day long.

Upper: Chrome free Italian soft calf leather. Chrome free tanning requires less water, fewer chemicals and results in lower CO2 output.

Lining: Chrome free Italian soft calf leather lining. The absence of chrome is better for your skin as well as the environment. 

Outsole: Rubber outsole sourced from Margom, A benchmark in the industry and well known for the quality and durability of their rubber soles.

Insole: Removable insole lined with chromium free Italian soft calf leather lining.

Heel counter: Leatherboard heel counter.

Laces: Thick, 100% bio-cotton laces sourced from Italy.

Eyelets: Reinforced eyelets on the interior.

Construction: Assembled in the Marche region from Italy.

Padding: Soft padding around the ankle and across the instep.