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Cortès Soft Square Last

A close-up of the Soft Square last, with the Cortès Adelaide Oxford as an example. Inspiration was drawn from the G&G MH71 and EG 808 lasts.

George Close Up

The George Split Toe Derby during production. A best seller from day one, it combines elegance, style and convenience thanks to the use of Utah calf and a rubber Dainite sole.

Cork Shoe Filling

Typical for the Goodyear welt production method, the cavity underneath the insole is filled with a layer of cork to provide comfort, and a metal shank that provides stability.

The George

The George, our most popular model from day 1, has almost reached cult status. Almost always sold out, you can place a pre-order for this model through this link.

Storm Welt

A close up of a storm welt on one of our boot designs. A storm welt adds water resistance, durability and let's face it, beauty to the shoe.

Sons of Henrey Field Boot

A best seller in every Autumn/Winter collection, the Sons of Henrey Field Boot, seen here in a bi-material combination of Walnut Country calf and Brown suede.

Harvey Mink Suede

One of the first models we released with Sons of Henrey, the Harvey Captoe Oxford in Italian Mole suede. Available as Made to Order (click here).

Blaine Brown Suede

The Blaine Chelsea Boot, a wholecut model, something that is quite rare at our pricepoint. You aan read a full review on these boots here.

Balmoral Chestnut Calf

Part of our AW21 collection, a Balmoral oxford in French Chestnut calf. Available as Made to Order (click here).

Vekla Low Top Brown Calf


Vekla Low Top Off White


Vekla Low Top Chestnut Jamaica Kudu 


Vekla Low Top Utah Brown Calf


Vekla Made In Italy


Vekla Brown Suede