Black Friday 2022 Promotions

Like every year, Black Friday is here and Sons of Henrey will take part. Black Friday represents a unique opportunity, in the middle of the season, to purchase your favorite style of shoes or boots at a discount. The Black Friday 2022 promotions will run until Wednesday, November 30th, 11.59pm CET.

We will keep it plain and simple, as we have learned from previous years that you should not overly complicate Black Friday deals. For 2022, we have the following promotions lined up for you:

1. Sons of Henrey Ready To Wear at discounts up to -20% ( --> link click here )

2. Our offer to waive the €45 MTO fee on Oct. Tenth shoes is extended until Wednesday, November 30th ( --> link click here )

3. A unique sample sale of never seen before samples and odd stock items ( --> link click here )

4. Stock sale on Vekla sneakers, as we plan to produce a new batch of sneakers for next spring ( --> link click here )

5. A 10% discount on all Sons of Henrey shoes MTO shoes ( --> link click here )

6. An additional 10% discount on all Sons of Henrey Pre-Orders (--> link click here)

Black Friday discount can be combined with newsletter signup discount.

Please know that the sample sales and Vekla sneaker sales are final sales, and are not eligible for return.

Happy shopping!